Medical Device Manufacturing Centre

What We Do

We provide medical device developers and manufacturers with the advice, technical expertise, and facilities essential for companies that are seeking to translate medical device concepts to commercial products. Our mission is to provide expert advice on manufacturing, engineering, regulatory issues and funding, coupled with technically supported access to manufacturing facilities. We aim to assist small and medium sized companies in the translation of medical device concepts through to small batch commercial prototypes. Services provided by the MDMC are free of charge to SMEs, with priority to Scottish SMEs at all times.

Manufacturing Expertise

We have wide ranging manufacturing expertise and facilities, including:

  • Material removal: laser, mechanical, micro-abrasive jet machining, and electro-discharge machining processes
  • Joining: laser welding, adhesive bonding, glass frit, solder
  • Deposition: 3D printing, micro-jet deposition
  • Injection moulding
  • Advice on selection of the best approaches considering projected manufacturing volumes

Business Development

The MDMC business development strategy:

  • Proactively identifying new collaboration opportunities
  • Developing a strong network of contacts between SMEs and other partners and organisations
  • Introducing a marketing strategy aiming at promotion of MDMC e.g. workshops, webinars, trainings, press releases etc.
  • Continuously improve our understanding of SMEs needs and applications to determine appropriately tailored solutions
  • Stay up-to date with new market trends

Engineering Expertise

The MDMC can offer engineering expertise which includes:

  • Expertise regarding biocompatibility of materials and surfaces
  • Testing methods such as hermeticity tests or bonding tests
  • Mechanical characterisation methods such as tensile stress tests, thermal cycling tests
  • Modelling and simulation methods using finite element analysis-based software
  • Performance characterisation techniques using Design of Experiments or Global Sensitivity Methods

Regulatory Expertise

We will offer the following help to SMEs:

  • Webinars on all aspects of medical device regulations in the UK and Europe
  • Guide to access experts in clinical trials and/or animal models
  • Signposting to organisations in Scotland and the UK specialised in medical device regulations
  • Case studies provided by SMEs

Who We Are

We are a highly experienced inter-disciplinary team composed of engineers, scientists and clinicians across the 4 universities.

Advisory Board

Grahame Cumming (Chair) – Strategic Programme Manager NHS Lothian
Gary Aitchison – Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service
Gary Beale – Emblation
Sally Bowie – Albany Business Consultant
Clive Buckberry – Quanta Dialysis
Dan Clarke – Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Nottingham
Edward Clifton – NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Eddie Clutton – University of Edinburgh Professor
Kev Dhaliwal – University of Edinburgh Professor
Jerry Donnan – Medical Device Company Ltd
Stuart Fancey – Scottish Funding Council
Elaine Gemmell – InnoScot Health

Roy Henderson – SP Automation and Robotics
Amir Hussain – Napier University Professor
Edwin Lindsay – Compliance Solutions Lifesciences Ltd
Graeme McLeod – Consultant Anaesthetist, NHS Tayside
Vishal Nayar – UKBIC
John Norrie – Chair of Medical Statistics and Trial Methodology Edinburgh
Malcolm Phillips – Department of Medical Physics Edinburgh
Lise Sproson – NIHR Devices for Dignity MTC
Anne Vanhoestenberghe – King’s College London Professor
Barry Warden – Wideblue
Graham Watson – Scottish Health Innovations
John Wilkinson – Medical Device Regulation


Here are what a few companies we have interacted with have to say about their experiences.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch or have any enquires regarding access to the MDMC services, please complete the MDMC Enquiry Form linked below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!